Part of speech: verb

To illuminate; shine.

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Usage examples "irradiate":

  1. April sunshine bursting through storm- cloud could not more quickly soften and irradiate the face of nature than that wonderful smile of the old general's could lighten every lineament. - "Kitty's Conquest", Charles King.
  2. But if I am here when the leaves are all fallen, the programme of my life will have changed, and this story of the dead past will be illuminated by the light of a living present which will irradiate all its saddening features. - "A Mortal Antipathy", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr..
  3. As the orb of day dropped its red, huge disk below the western horizon, over the opposite side of the world, the moon, even more huge and scarcely less red, rose to irradiate with its mild beams the scenes which the shadows of darkness had not yet touched. - "The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton", Wardon Allan Curtis.