Part of speech: verb

To light up; enlighten; decorate.

Part of speech: verb

To make a display of lights. illume.

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Usage examples "illuminate":

  1. Make a heap, so that when it is lighted it will illuminate the approach from the creek. - "Captured by the Navajos", Charles A. Curtis.
  2. That is one reason why the cabinet is employed, because that would shut off any form of light from the medium whilst the forms are building up; although on several occasions, from time to time, when the form has thus been built up fully, we have been able to use a red light strong enough to illuminate the whole of the room. - "Occultism and Common-Sense", Beckles Willson.
  3. Six silver- gilt arms, each supporting two candles, were attached to the tapestry at an equal distance, to illuminate the divan. - "The Thirteen", Honore de Balzac.