Part of speech: noun

The adapting or arranging of musical compositions for performance by instruments.

Part of speech: noun

The use of instruments of any kind, the work done by means of them, or the instruments collectively so used; instrumentality; agency; means.

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Usage examples "instrumentation":

  1. Now, although the middle part in the present instances are, on the contrary, slower movements, yet the judgment holds good; at least with respect to the first nocturne, the middle part of which has nothing to recommend it but a full, sonorous instrumentation, if I may use this word in speaking of one instrument. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.
  2. Forests and fields began to utter a rushing sound as of torrents, always deepening, - made up of the instrumentation and the voices of numberless little beings: clangings as of hammered iron, ringings as of dropping silver upon a stone, the dry bleatings of the cabritt- bois, and the chirruping of tree- frogs, and the k- i- i- i- i- i- i of crickets. - "Two Years in the French West Indies", Lafcadio Hearn.
  3. If I knew the pure theory of my father's machine I could not design the instrumentation that would make it work. - "The Fourth R", George Oliver Smith.