Part of speech: noun

The act of imposing; an imposture; a tax or burden.

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Usage examples "imposition":

  1. And how deeply must the Court of Rome have felt itself injured by the imposition of the Oath of Supremacy. - "A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)", Leopold von Ranke.
  2. " It is a shameful imposition," he cried; " how much do you want after all?" - "Monsieur Violet", Frederick Marryat.
  3. The friends of liberal thought are against it; and those who seek the old grim conclusion do so in another way, striving to substitute a new faith in nature for the old faith in divine inspiration, and to prove the latter to have been a growth rather than an imposition. - "Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890", Octavius Brooks Frothingham.