Part of speech: verb

To levy or exact; lay or inflict, as a burden or trouble; palm off; followed by in or upon.

Part of speech: verb

To place a burden or inflict a deception ( upon); take unfair advantage.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "impose":

  1. If England meant to impose taxes by parliamentary vote for military purposes, instead of calling upon the colonists to furnish money and men, it meant a deadly blow to the importance of the assemblies. - "The Wars Between England and America", T. C. Smith.
  2. But he's a clever man, and after the first fifteen minutes we no longer tried to impose upon each other. - "The Children of the World", Paul Heyse.
  3. She is recognized everywhere for what she is; and yet her presence never seems to impose a restraint or suggest a caution. - "The Fortunes Of Glencore", Charles James Lever.