Part of speech: noun

A supposition assumed as a basis of reasoning or experiment; a guess or conjecture.

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Usage examples "hypothesis":

  1. The central heat of the globe could not, it is true, by itself alone be a mechanical force, any more than formerly a large mass of water falling by hypothesis to the greatest possible depth. - "Underground Man", Gabriel Tarde.
  2. Dr. Baker follows this, but I confess I cannot see due grounds for any such hypothesis. - "The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6)", Aphra Behn.
  3. His 'antipatia, ' as his man called it, must be one which covers a wide ground, to account for his self- isolation,- and the color hypothesis seems as plausible as any. - "A Mortal Antipathy", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr..