Part of speech: noun

A gap; break; interruption; the meeting of two separate vowels without an intervening consonant.

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Usage examples "hiatus":

  1. He saw that the fat, slovenly man, with the heavy face and that hiatus between his breeches and his waistcoat which had made him famous, was allowed to do things, and to say things, and to look things, for which a less honest man had been hurried long ago to the Clock Tower. - "Chippinge Borough", Stanley J. Weyman.
  2. There was a hiatus which called for a speech, and you so wonderfully met the difficult requirements that I sat in fascinated admiration and have been ready ever since to pay you unstinted tribute. - "My Memories of Eighty Years", Chauncey M. Depew.
  3. George curved the machine largely round and, mounting the pavement through this hiatus, rode gingerly up the alley, in defiance of the regulations of a great city, and stopped precisely at the door of No. 6. It was a matter of honour with him to arrive thus. - "The Roll-Call", Arnold Bennett.