Part of speech: noun

A chance.

Part of speech: verb

To put to hazard; imperil; risk.

Part of speech: noun

Exposure to the chance of loss or harm; risk; peril.

Part of speech: noun

That which is hazarded.

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Usage examples "hazard":

  1. But perhaps, Miss, to your everlasting hazard, you will not confess your guilt, for some private reasons. - "Trial-of-Mary-Blandy", Roughead, William.
  2. Shaw pretended to be very willing, but said he had made a terrible oath against playing for anything in any house; but if to avoid it, the gentleman would tie his horse to a tree and had any cards in his pocket, he'd sit down on the green bank in yonder close, and hazard a shilling or two. - "Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences", Arthur L. Hayward.
  3. In passing hither, I met with many, and sounding the temper of the district, I find it not ripe to share your hazard. - "The Last Of The Barons, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.