What does the word froth mean?

Usage examples for froth

  1. Break the eggs and separate yolks from whites, beat the former and stir in the bread crumbs, with which have been mixed a pinch of salt and pepper; then beat the whites to a stiff froth, mix in with the yolks, stir well altogether and place over the stew in the form of crust, and bake a quarter of an hour in a very brisk oven. – New Vegetarian Dishes by Mrs. Bowdich
  2. Whip the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth. – Joe Tilden's Recipes for Epicures by Joe Tilden
  3. It may seem foolish to record such mere froth of conversation, but I want my reader to understand how a part, at least, of the family of Moldwarp Hall regarded me. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald