Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: verb

To lose through some fault, neglect, or error.

Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: noun

A thing lost by default.

Part of speech: noun

Any game in which some playful penalty is imposed.

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Usage examples "forfeit":

  1. One of the reasons, no doubt, why it is supported by a Democratic administration, is that the State might otherwise forfeit and lose the aid it now receives from the National Government for the support of agricultural institutions. - "The Facts of Reconstruction", John R. Lynch.
  2. Here everything was obscured by the black smoke, and he could no longer see Dunton, although now and then a crashing noise as of wood being splintered under heavy blows told, as he believed, that the brave fireman was intent on the effort to save life even though his own might pay the forfeit. - "An Amateur Fireman", James Otis.
  3. Remember, now, I have your promise to try to break the habit; you will forfeit your word if you do not; so you see your position, don't you? - "Words of Cheer for the Tempted, the Toiling, and the Sorrowing", T. S. Arthur.