Part of speech: verb

To give a flip to.

Part of speech: noun

A quick, light stroke, as with a whip.

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Usage examples "flick":

  1. She finds threads to flick off his sleeve and must straighten his tie. - "Class of '29", Orrie Lashin and Milo Hastings.
  2. " Only one man aboard her, with a machine- gun," commented the Master, eyes at glass, as he watched the flick of sunlight on the attacker's fuselage, the dip and glitter of her varnished wings, the blur of her propellers. - "The Flying Legion", George Allan England.
  3. Sometimes, beneath his windows, he could see a shoal of little fish flick from the water in all directions at the rush of a pike, one of them no doubt horribly engulphed in the monster's jaws. - "Beside Still Waters", Arthur Christopher Benson.