What does the word Errata mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • Plural of ERRATUM.

Usage examples for Errata

  1. With this curious fact before us, the accurate state of our printing, in general, is to be admired, and errata ought more freely to be pardoned than the fastidious minuteness of the insect eye of certain critics has allowed. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  2. 2. Corrections from the " Errata" page have been incorporated into this e- text. – History of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America by John Kerr Tiffany
  3. If the mistakes are mostly in the nature of mistranslations of certain important terms it might be possible for you, in conjunction with Mrs. Lynch, to have printed or mimeographed a list of errata, and stick it in the book, in this way Russian- speaking people will not be denied some literature on the Faith, however inadequate. – Unfolding Destiny by Shoghi Effendi