What does the word ensnare mean?

Usage examples for ensnare

  1. They were subtly hidden, well devised to catch a schemer; but, being innocent, they failed to ensnare me." – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  2. The too comprehensive principles of his mistress admitted him to the closest intimacy, and in due time, when Madame de Warens thought of the seductions which ensnare the feet of youth, Rousseau was delivered from them in an equivocal way by solicitous application of the same maxims of comprehension. – Rousseau Volumes I. and II. by John Morley
  3. What she contemplated was not meanly to ensnare a husband just to provide incomes for her and her family, but to find some man she might respect, who would maintain her in such a stage of comfort as should, by setting her mind free from temporal anxiety, enable her to further organize her talent, and provide incomes for them herself. – The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy