Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: verb

To catch with a snare; use snares.

Part of speech: noun

A device, as a noose, for catching animals; allurement; wile.

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Usage examples "snare":

  1. We knew too well that Milk River was only a snare and a delusion; but one must fight toward something- it makes little difference what you call that something. - "The River and I", John G. Neihardt.
  2. She told him all- of her sister's sorrow, remorse, and tears; her longing to be free from the wretched snare in which she was caught; how she pleaded with her to interfere. - "Dora Thorne", Charlotte M. Braeme.
  3. It's put away, he mumbled; hastily adding, That's a snare drum, anyway. - "Sube Cane", Edward Bellamy Partridge.