What does the word elusive mean?

    Part of speech: adverb

  • Elusively.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • Elusiveness, elusory.

Usage examples for elusive

  1. Tell him, I pray you, that the elusive Pimpernel whom he knows so well never assumes a fanciful disguise. – The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
  2. " He believes in doing his work thoroughly, I suppose," she remarked, lifting her eyes to Dunn's with a look in them that was partly questioning and partly puzzled and wholly elusive. – The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon
  3. You see, now that we have you, Lady Blakeney, and citizen St. Just with us we have no reason to fear that that elusive Pimpernel will spirit himself away. – El Dorado by Baroness Orczy