Part of speech: adjective

Selecting, or made by selection; broad; liberal.

Part of speech: noun

One who practises selection from all systems, as in philosophy or medicine.

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Usage examples "eclectic":

  1. " But I," said the bland eclectic philosopher, " saw nothing but snow and ice." - "Preaching and Paganism", Albert Parker Fitch.
  2. Do you remember that speech he made at the Eclectic? - "The Man Who Rose Again", Joseph Hocking.
  3. To this centre of learning seekers after truth from all countries of the globe found their way, and, comparing their various systems, the result was the evolution of the Eclectic philosophy, made up of what was regarded as the best of every known faith. - "The Eliminator; or, Skeleton Keys to Sacerdotal Secrets", Richard B. Westbrook.