Part of speech: verb

To take off, as a hat or cloak.

Part of speech: verb

To take off the hat in salutation.

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Usage examples "doff":

  1. When the evening shades are deepened, And I doff my hat and gloves, No sweet bird is there to " cheep and Twitter twenty million loves:" No dark- ringleted canaries Sing to me of " hungry foam;" No imaginary " Marys" Call fictitious " cattle home." - "Verses and Translations", C. S. C..
  2. Man, too, gradually learned to doff his selfishness, and to respect and adore women, but it took many centuries to accomplish the change, which was due largely to the influence of Christ's teachings. - "Primitive Love and Love-Stories", Henry Theophilus Finck.
  3. And then " The Two Bonbons" came back to doff their costumes, and he was turned out. - "A Chair on The Boulevard", Leonard Merrick.