What does the word dispossess mean?

    Part of speech: verb transitive

  • To eject; oust.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • Dispossession.

Usage examples for dispossess

  1. If you dispute my claim,- as I am told you do,- you may take what lawful means you please to dispossess me of my estate, and at the same time redress what wrong is done you." – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  2. An Abenakee Indian arrived this day, saying that he came direct from Montreal, and gave out that a large fleet of French was on its way to Canada, full of troops, to dispossess the English of the country. – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  3. The advantage lay with the enemy, but, while it appeared certain that he would dispossess me of Gaspard's Trail, I determined to hold on to Crane Valley. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss