Part of speech: noun

One who or that which disclaims.

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Usage examples "disclaimer":

  1. This disclaimer may have been dictated by a wish not to appear wanting in respect to his judges; at any rate, Defoe's Secret History bears no trace on the surface of a design to prejudice him by its recital of facts. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. She darted a look of indignant disclaimer at him. - "Nan of Music Mountain", Frank H. Spearman.
  3. Then as the bald disclaimer of any need for solicitude seemed a chill return for Pomona's cordiality, old Maisie hastened to add a corollary:- I did not find the time to thank your mother as I would have liked to do; but I get old and slow, and the coachman was a bit quick of his whip. - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.