Part of speech: verb

To take away from; dispossess; divest; with of before the object taken away.

Part of speech: verb

To keep from acquiring or enjoying something; debar.

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Usage examples "deprive":

  1. But, my dear Mario, to deprive a woman of admiration is to deprive a fish of water. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.
  2. Regulation of this sort, it was held, did not deprive the citizen or the corporation of property without due process of law. - "The United States Since The Civil War", Charles Ramsdell Lingley.
  3. Possibly he was touched by the child's devotion, or by his entreaties, and felt unwilling to deprive him of what, after all, he could only regard in the light of an amusement. - "Story-Lives of Great Musicians", Francis Jameson Rowbotham.