Part of speech: noun

A drunkard or libertine.

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Usage examples "debauchee":

  1. Others see in his paintings only the spontaneous and thoughtless expression of the spirit and taste of the artist, whom they represent as a vulgar debauchee. - "Holland, v. 1 (of 2)", Edmondo de Amicis.
  2. No one more ready than I. Without a moment's hesitation, I stood forth, and in a loud voice I began one of my favourite passages from Blair's 'Grave': If death were nothing, and nought after death- If when men died at once they ceased to be,- Returning to the barren Womb of Nothing Whence first they sprung, then might the debauchee... - "Father and Son", Edmund Gosse.
  3. And this, then, was the end of the egotistical debauchee, ever going from bad to worse, and finally swept into the gutter. - "Fruitfulness Fecondite", Emile Zola.