Part of speech: noun


Part of speech:


Part of speech: verb

To discuss; argue; consider; reflect.

Part of speech: noun

The discussing of any question; argumentation; dispute.

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Usage examples "debate":

  1. Its members had the freedom to consider and debate every matter of public interest, foreign or domestic, except for church matters. - "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed.", S. A. Reilly.
  2. Things being brought to this distressed Estate, 'Twere fit you took the matter in Debate. - "The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6)", Aphra Behn.
  3. He took it up to his room, and had a considerable debate with himself as to whether he would open it or not. - "The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain", G. A. Henty.