Part of speech: verb

To take a daguerreo type of.

Part of speech: noun

A former photographic process, in which silver- coated metalliic plates werw used; a picture so made.

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Usage examples "daguerreotype":

  1. There is a daguerreotype of my mother, and it may be that my recollection of her is builded upon that portrait. - "Captain Macklin", Richard Harding Davis.
  2. Tendency to Exaggerate Rather than to Daguerreotype The dependence of the agent upon ministers is a testimonial to their sympathy. - "Revisiting the Earth", James Langdon Hill.
  3. 13, 1839, when M. St. Croix exhibited the whole process of Daguerreotype, in presence of a select party of scientific men and artists. - "Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria's Reign", John Ashton.