Part of speech: noun

A plant with solitary yellow flowers. daffadilly; daffodilly.

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Usage examples "daffodil":

  1. It was what artists call a daffodil sky, but it is coarsened even by reference to a daffodil. - "The Ball and The Cross", G.K. Chesterton.
  2. While o'er the wet sand,- left between The running water and the still,- In pansy hues and daffodil, The fancies that she doth devise Take on the forms of butterflies, Rich- coloured. - "Kentucky Poems", Madison J. Cawein Commentator: Edmund Gosse.
  3. Off in the west, where twilight parted her curtains, glowed faint streaks of yellow and rose color, promises of daffodil meadows and flower- strewn lands to come. - "The ghosts of their ancestors", Weymer Jay Mills.