Part of speech: noun

The front part of the outer coat of the eyeball.

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Usage examples "cornea":

  1. In six minutes, the plica semilunaris so drawn as to cover half the cornea. - "An Essay on the Influence of Tobacco upon Life and Health", R. D. Mussey.
  2. Unfortunately the current of injury is very often apt to change its sign; it then flows through the eye from the cornea to the nerve. - "Response in the Living and Non-Living", Jagadis Chunder Bose.
  3. But how could an explanation of this kind be applied to the case of Anableps tetrophthalmus, in which each eye is divided by a partition of the cornea and lens into an upper half adapted for vision in air and a lower half for vision in water? - "Hormones and Heredity", J. T. Cunningham.