Part of speech: noun

A body of comments; exposition.

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Usage examples "commentary":

  1. Let us, however, first take a glance at the life of this author, a life so closely connected with the subjects of his works that it forms an indispensable commentary on them. - "Contemporary Russian Novelists", Serge Persky.
  2. Sterne's twelfth sermon, on the Forgiveness of Injuries, is merely a diluted commentary on the conclusion of Hall's " Contemplation of Joseph." - "Sterne", H.D. Traill.
  3. The early teaching requires to be seasoned and hardened to withstand the influences which tend to dissolve faith and piety; by this seasoning faith must be enlightened, and piety become serene and grave, " sedate," as St. Francis of Sales would say with beautiful commentary. - "The Education of Catholic Girls", Janet Erskine Stuart.