Part of speech: adjective

Capable of burning; inflammable.

Part of speech: noun

Any substance that will readily burn.

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Usage examples "combustible":

  1. That portion of the substance thus combined with the oxygen is called combustible. - "Steam, Its Generation and Use", Babcock & Wilcox Co..
  2. The atmosphere was certainly combustible when it met ours, which makes it impossible for me to believe that their air contained any noticeable amount of oxygen, for anything above twenty per cent oxygen and the rest hydrogen would be violently explosive. - "The Black Star Passes", John W Campbell.
  3. His car, made of osiers, and loaded with combustible matter, was suspended below the grating; and when at a great elevation it became the prey of the flames. - "Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies", Fulgence Marion.