Part of speech: noun

The center of a target.

Part of speech: noun

A piece, as of cloth; patch; rag.

Part of speech: noun

An iron plate; a short, stout nail.

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Usage examples "clout":

  1. The old adage is very good, and should be borne in mind:- " Button to chin Till May be in; Ne'er cast a clout Till May be out." - "Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Children", Pye Henry Chavasse.
  2. His value at Skadden is not his minimal ability as a lawyer but his clout with the authorities. - "Diamond Dust", K. Kay Shearin.
  3. " Halves," said Johnson promptly, " and a clout 'longside your head if you was coming any of your nonsense over me." - "The Enchanted Castle", E. Nesbit.