Part of speech: adjective

Inflated; grandiloquent.

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Usage examples "bombastic":

  1. This rhetoric of thine to me Hath a somewhat bombastic savor. - "Faust", Goethe.
  2. This silence constrained Teleki to avoid the bombastic in his speech. - "The Golden Age in Transylvania", Mór Jókai.
  3. A roar of delight greeted Burton’ s achievement, for, despite the weight of circumstantial evidence, many of the townspeople, and especially the young men, believed him innocent; and all were delighted to see this indignity heaped upon a bombastic bully who on several previous occasions had rendered himself obnoxious to the people of Plainville by his brutal arrogance. - "The Bail Jumper", Robert J. C. Stead.