Part of speech: preposition


Part of speech: preposition

In spite of: notwithstanding.

Part of speech: noun

Extreme a version; spite; disdain with defiance.

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Usage examples "despite":

  1. And this despite the fact that she and the young mistress of the Mill House were always upon excellent terms. - "The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories", Ethel M. Dell.
  2. You're an invalid, or I'd strike you, despite your years, Uncle Henry. - "The Bad Man", Charles Hanson Towne.
  3. " This," and she was gathered close while Faith confessed how hard her task had been by letting tears fall fast upon the head which seemed to have found its proper resting- place, as if despite her courage and her wisdom the woman's heart was half broken with its pity. - "Moods", Louisa May Alcott.