Part of speech: adjective

Having no body; corporeal.

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Usage examples "bodiless":

  1. I saw a mass of them draw themselves up into the likeness of a tent skyscraper high; hang so for an instant, then writhe into a monstrous chimera of a dozen towering legs that strode away like a gigantic headless and bodiless tarantula in steps two hundred feet long. - "The Metal Monster", A. Merritt.
  2. Preblesham's voice came in a bodiless waver over the miles. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.
  3. She was now firmly convinced that her Orso's spirit had been the perpetrator; for only a bodiless shadow would be able to escape for a second time the thousand spying eyes which were guarding Venice. - "Andrea Delfin", Paul Heyse.