Part of speech: verb

To proclaim vociferously; roar; shout.

Part of speech: noun

A loud hollow cry or roar.

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Usage examples "bellow":

  1. Close the wings- advance the center- Engineers point well your guns- Clap the matches, let the rent air, Bellow to Britannia's sons." - "The Battle of Bunkers-Hill", Hugh Henry Brackenridge.
  2. The bellow of the thunder was terrific- and while the four boatmen heaved with their paddles and encouraged each other with shrill cries, in a solid line down swept the first sheet of rain. - "Gold Seekers of '49", Edwin L. Sabin.
  3. Then, with a roar, he started in to bellow, " The union forever- hooraw, boys hooraw!" - "The Plunderer", Roy Norton.