Part of speech: verb

To cry or wail loudly.

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Usage examples "bawl":

  1. He didn't fill his show window with hats and bonnets which drive people away and then sit in the back of the store and bawl because the people go somewhere else to trade. - "The Art of Public Speaking", Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein.
  2. Then there is that peculiar frenzied bawl she utters on smelling blood, which causes every member of the herd to lift its head and hasten to the spot,- the native cry of the clan. - "Birds and Poets", John Burroughs.
  3. For a while Finnemore bore it patiently, but when a burly chemistry specialist walked up to within two feet of him and began to bawl so loudly that his actual words were distinguishable in the School House studies, the master covered his face with his hands and murmured: " Oh, heaven spare me this infliction!" - "The Loom of Youth", Alec Waugh.