Part of speech: noun

A hive for bees; a place filled with busy workers.

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Usage examples "beehive":

  1. It was no wonder that when he held out his hand to lead her down into the darkness and through winding ways to the mouth of the far- off beehive dungeon- it was no wonder, I say, that she should shrink and draw back. - "Alec Forbes of Howglen", George MacDonald.
  2. Immediately the whole land was as a disturbed beehive. - "The Sign of the Spider", Bertram Mitford.
  3. The slopes are dotted with kraals, the blue wood- smoke curling aloft from the yellow thatch of many a beehive- shaped hut, the red- ochred forms of the inhabitants moving about- early as it is- making a not unpleasing contrast to the eye against the bright green of the pastures, though by no means pleasing to another sense, at far closer quarters. - "Harley Greenoak's Charge", Bertram Mitford.