Part of speech: noun

The shortest course from one place to another.

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Usage examples "beeline":

  1. Moze held a beeline southwest, and he yelled seldom. - "The Last of the Plainsmen", Zane Grey.
  2. He recovered in time to nearly drop it again, as the Patron Ik'Spir Pat's hoverchair glided out the Centre's doors and made a beeline for Hershie. - "Super Man and the Bug Out", Cory Doctorow.
  3. These manoeuvres soon scattered the crowd, and Tom rode on, laughing and waving his hand; whilst the fleet- footed of the village urchins started in a beeline across the meadows for Gablehurst, knowing that the lady there would certainly bestow a silver groat upon him who first brought the news that Master Tom was at hand! - "Tom Tufton's Travels", Evelyn Everett-Green.