Part of speech: adjective

Of or like bacchanalia.

Part of speech: noun

A bacchanal.

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Usage examples "bacchanalian":

  1. Then, at last, had come the separation, irrevocable and painful; and Jim had flung out into the world, a drunkard, who, sober for a fortnight, or a month, or three months, would afterward go off on a spree, in which he quoted Sappho and Horace in taverns, and sang bacchanalian songs with a voice meant for the stage- a heritage from an ancestor who had sung upon the English stage a hundred years before. - "Northern Lights", Gilbert Parker.
  2. His dogs thinking him out of the way for a time, discipline instantly relaxed; and they broke into a bacchanalian dance, which brought him to his feet at once; all traces of human weakness gone, as if a bucket of water had passed over him. - "Peter and Wendy", James Matthew Barrie.
  3. Many of them were crowned with grape leaves, like Bacchanalian dancers, and some of them carried baskets filled with the fruit. - "The Motor Maids Across the Continent", Katherine Stokes.