Part of speech: adverb

With one leg on each side of, or with the legs far apart; bestriding.

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Usage examples "astride":

  1. " And now," thought the doctor as she mounted her horse with Sally astride behind, " I'm going to bring your little girl home, Uncle Theodore, and take my chance and your chance with her!" - "A Son of the Hills", Harriet T. Comstock.
  2. He threw his leg across it, and, sitting astride, he leaned his elbows over the back and glowered at me as if he meant to frighten me. - "Castles in the Air", Baroness Emmuska Orczy.
  3. Blindly following our guide who sat astride of a pole, Jimmie planted himself beside him, astride of the guide's back; Mrs. Jimmie, after having absolutely refused, was finally persuaded to place herself behind Jimmie, then came Bee, and last of all myself. - "Abroad with the Jimmies", Lilian Bell.