Part of speech: noun

An American mammal with armor- like covering.

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Usage examples "armadillo":

  1. " There are several species of the armadillo," observed our friend. - "On the Banks of the Amazon", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. From all I could hear it was a tale of the Reynard the Fox order, or like the tales told by the gauchos of the armadillo and how that quaint little beast always managed to fool his fellow- animals, especially the fox, who regarded himself as the cleverest of all the beasts and who looked on his honest, dull- witted neighbour the armadillo as a born fool. - "Far Away and Long Ago", W. H. Hudson.
  3. I pledge the assembled company in this rich butter, Gerald continued with dignity, though it is not so comfortable to drink, and I propose, first, the confusion of Ferguson, who is a pettifogger and an armadillo, and, secondly, the health of our captain, Roger, the Codger, who saved the Cheemaun. - "Hildegarde's Neighbors", Laura E. Richards.