Part of speech: noun

An appraising; official valuation. appraisement.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "appraisal":

  1. The giant's liking for her, boyish at times, or swiftly changing to bolder appraisal, grew daily. - "A Man to His Mate", J. Allan Dunn.
  2. It is comparatively easy to measure known reserves; but a quantitative appraisal of the probable and possible reserves for the future is extremely difficult. - "The Economic Aspect of Geology", C. K. Leith.
  3. But though Emma was old enough, and wise enough, to base her final appraisal of anyone at all on other than outward characteristics, she could not suppress an uncomfortable feeling that Gearey's eyes were cold and that they betrayed an inner weakness. - "The Lost Wagon", James Arthur Kjelgaard.