What does the word disinterested mean?

    Part of speech: noun


  • Part of speech: adverb


  • Part of speech: adjective

  • Unselfish; impartial.

Usage examples for disinterested

  1. As a matter of fact the proprietor of the Star was not entirely disinterested in his kindness. – One Woman's Life by Robert Herrick
  2. I really felt quite sorry when I said good- bye to so many gentlemen from whom I had received so much disinterested kindness. – Three Months in the Southern States, April-June 1863 by Arthur J. L. (Lieut.-Col.) Fremantle
  3. The person who was most thoroughly convinced that Janet's grief was deep and real, was Mr. Pilgrim, who in general was not at all weakly given to a belief in disinterested feeling. – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot