Part of speech:

Against; opposed to; opposite to; corresponding to; in return for; instead of; as, antichristian, antiaircraft ( said of guns).

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Usage examples "anti":

  1. His Royal Highness afterwards graciously consented to become Patron of the British and Foreign Anti- Slavery Society. - "Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888", Edward VII.
  2. We could then free ourselves from the burdens imposed upon us by this anti- republican department of our national government, and take from corporations some of their oppressive powers and privileges, now assured to them by the decisions of the supreme court. - "Monopolies and the People", D. C. Cloud.
  3. To get back to his connection with you, however, he invented a time machine- unfortunately, its secret has since been lost and never re- discovered- and used it for anti- social purposes. - "The Old Die Rich", Horace Leonard Gold.