Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: adjective

Allaying pain; soothing.

Part of speech: noun

Anything that relieves pain, calms, or soothes; an opiate.

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Usage examples "anodyne":

  1. During the next three years the consumption of tea was greatly increased; but very little seems to have been known about it by those who drank it- if we may judge from the enlightenment received from a pamphlet, given gratis, " up one flight of stairs, at the sign of the Anodyne Necklace, without Temple Bar." - "The Little Tea Book", Arthur Gray.
  2. Once when Mary was given an anodyne to quiet her wellnigh unendurable pain, the relief that followed was so great that she exclaimed to her husband, " Oh, Godwin, I am in heaven!" - "Mary Wollstonecraft", Elizabeth Robins Pennell.
  3. And perhaps he made a mistake, shunning his friends and seeking an anodyne only in a wearying routine. - "The House of Toys", Henry Russell Miller.