Part of speech: noun

A poisonous herb; deadly nightshade; also, a medicinal preparation made from it.

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Usage examples "belladonna":

  1. But the Wenuses were too much occupied in dropping into each other's eyes something from a bright flask, which I took to be Beggarstaffs' Elect Belladonna, to heed them. - "The War of the Wenuses", C. L. Graves and E. V. Lucas.
  2. I know it's a theory; last time I was here, you could think of nothing but hypnotism or else the action of belladonna in congestion and inflammation of the brain; and he left his very comfortable chair suddenly, with a burst of laughter, and began to walk up and down the room. - "A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches", Sarah Orne Jewett.
  3. There the others were starting off, and I was sitting by the stove with a swollen face, dabbing on belladonna, and Miss Rodgers careering round telling me I must have it out. - "The Jolliest School of All", Angela Brazil.