Part of speech: noun

An official dispenser of alms; formerly, a household chaplain.

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Usage examples "almoner":

  1. There were also under them certain smaller administrations established for the management of the farms, consisting of a Knight Templar, to whom were associated some serving brothers of the order, and a priest who acted as almoner. - "The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple", Charles G. Addison.
  2. But now let our almoner do what best he may, I doubt not many a leper sleeps cold, and many a poor man goes lean with hunger. - "A Child's Book of Saints", William Canton.
  3. Foremost among these is the testimony of a priest named Pasquerel, who was soon to become Joan's almoner, and to accompany her in her warfare. - "Joan of Arc", Ronald Sutherland Gower.