Part of speech: noun

An auxiliary.

Part of speech: adjective

Joined subordinately; auxiliary.

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Usage examples "adjunct":

  1. The last was merely an adjunct. - "Antony Gray,--Gardener", Leslie Moore.
  2. He will be amazed at first to find that, instead of being tolerated, he will be confided in; he will be regarded as a pleasant adjunct to a party, and he will soon have the even pleasanter experience of finding that his own opinions and adventures, if they are not used to cap and surpass the opinions and adventures of others, but to elicit them, will be duly valued. - "At Large", Arthur Christopher Benson.
  3. A few years later in an adjunct professorship his original researches in this field began to attract attention. - "Bride of the Mistletoe", James Lane Allen.