Part of speech: verb

To pass sentence; award; decree; condemn.

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Usage examples "adjudge":

  1. It could adjudge and carry out any punishment short of death, if so inclined. - "The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood", Arthur Griffiths.
  2. The lips with which he appealed to Heaven to adjudge victory to the just quarrel, grew white as they uttered the impious mockery. - "The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886", Ministry of Education.
  3. Your Philistine critic will sum me up after I am dead in a phrase; or he will take my character to pieces and show how they contradict each other, and adjudge me, like a schoolmaster, so many good marks for this quality, and so many bad marks for that. - "Dreamers of the Ghetto", I. Zangwill.