Part of speech: noun

A monastery or nunnery governed by an abbot or abbess; a chapel of such an institution; the residence of an abbot or abbess.

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Usage examples "abbey":

  1. I thought you wished to make a sketch of Craigmoran Abbey - did you forget that we were to ride there to- day?" - "The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete", Charles James Lever (1806-1872).
  2. So early on the morn, or it was day, she took her horse and rode all that day and most part of the night, and on the morn by noon she came to the same abbey of nuns whereas lay King Arthur; and she knowing he was there, she asked where he was. - "Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume I (of II) King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table", Thomas Malory.
  3. A few weeks later " United Ireland" appeared in its old publishing office in Abbey Street. - "The Life Story of an Old Rebel", John Denvir.