Online Dictionary of Definitions provides useful, in context, definitions

The Funk and Wagnalls website offers a powerful dictionary tool that goes beyond dry, incomprehensible definitions by providing usage examples so that the user may fully understand a word’s meaning in a variety of contexts. The free, user-friendly site provides succinct definitions followed by usage examples culled from works of literature.

Students at all grade levels may stop using essay writing services and quickly tackle their homework by entering each word into the search box. Easy-to-understand definitions, and multiple examples of usage, serve to teach how a word is used; this makes it much more likely a student will remember the words’ meaning during creation of his custom writing paper.

For readers, the Dictionary of Definitions can clear up confusing vocabulary in any text. Unlike other online dictionaries, the Funk and Wagnalls site does not overwhelm the user with pop-up windows and page-hijacking advertisements, allowing a user to quickly find a definition and return to his or her reading.

The dictionary is forgiving of poor spellers, offering “did you mean?” prompts for misspelled words. It also allows users to filter words by initial letter so the tool may be used much in the way one would use a hard-copy dictionary. Those seeking definitions for words heard in conversation, or for words with which they are only vaguely familiar, will find these features useful.

Anyone seeking to expand their vocabulary will benefit from this tool. Mark Twain is credited with saying “Use a new word correctly three times and it is yours.” The Dictionary of Definitions’ usage examples make it possible for users to see, three times, how to correctly use any word and make it their own.

A fun, vocabulary-building feature of the site is the word-of-the-day side bar. It presents useful words, with simple definitions, that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Another feature is a listing of the most popular definitions, an interesting look into what others are searching.

There are many online dictionaries to choose from. The Dictionary of Definitions stands out for its speed, results are instantly displayed, and its comprehensiveness. The definitions are straight forward and easy to understand. The Dictionary of Definitions is not cluttered with archaic language and linguistic terms making it a good choice for the everyday user.