Part of speech: noun

A freeholder, next under the rank of gentleman; in modern usage, a farmer.

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Usage examples "yeoman":

  1. You are at liberty to withdraw as soon as you have wound up your arrangements with Mr. Somerdine; he will now, as Yeoman of the Horse, have your duties as well as his own; for I do not intend to have another Gentleman of the Horse. - "By What Authority?", Robert Hugh Benson.
  2. When the war cry was sounded he was Colonel of a regiment and marched his yeoman troops to the battle field. - "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution", L. Carroll Judson.
  3. In Gloucestershire many an honest yeoman goes out twice a week and endeavours to drown for a while all thoughts of hard times and low prices, content for the day if the fates have left him a sound horse and the consolation of a gallop over the grass. - "A Cotswold Village", J. Arthur Gibbs.