Part of speech: noun

A perennial herb, having small white flowers, with a pungent odor and taste.

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Usage examples "yarrow":

  1. With these innocent weapons, and with the gardener to bait our hooks, we were taken to the Yarrow, far up the stream, near Ladhope. - "Angling Sketches", Andrew Lang.
  2. Yonder is Lammermuir, and Smalholme; and there you have Gallashiels, and Torwoodlie, and Gallawater; and in that direction you see Teviotdale, and the Braes of Yarrow; and Ettrick stream, winding along, like a silver thread, to throw itself into the Tweed. - "Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey", Washington Irving.
  3. " I'm just going to see," said Yarrow, quietly. - "Here and Hereafter", Barry Pain.